Jessica Colnago

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I am a PhD Student in Societal Computing at Carnegie Mellon University co-advised by Lorrie Cranor and Alessandro Acquisti. Previously, I obtained my MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and BEng in Computer Engineering at the Federal University of São Carlos.

Through many changes in areas of interest within Computer Science and Engineering, I noticed that my passion is on understanding how people behave and how that influences technology use. I strive to incorporate this behavioral understanding into system design.

For my PhD I am focusing on people's attitudes and behaviors surround online data privacy. In particular, I am interested in the phenomenon of privacy resignation, its causes, and potential mitigation practices.

I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies and any other activities that will increase my trivia knowledge, taking up memory space previously occupied by people's names, birthdays and phone numbers. I have been struggling with learning German for a while now, but I am not quitting until I can speak it to natives without them switching to English in the first minute.

(Last updated May 2020)